Featured Case Study


Featured Case Study


From innovative startups to multinational brands


Creating a case study for a short URL service involves detailing its development, implementation, impact, and success metrics. Here’s a structured approach to creating such a case study:  







Case Studies


Iroot, a Indian multinational corporation with office and over N employees worldwide, uses Bjli to give global departments the freedom to create custom short URLs organized by nation. Employees can share branded links for portfolios, product catalogs, documents, email signatures, business cards and have widely adopted the solution for sharing their own work product.

Simplified access to content, increasing user engagement by 20% from articles to social media profiles.

Streamlined promotional efforts, resulting in a 30% increase in album sales and tour ticket purchases...

Improved user experience on social media, boosting traffic to their website by 25%.

Increased subscription conversions by 15% through better link management.

Enhanced product launch campaigns, leading to a 20% increase in sales for new products.

Improved article click-through rates by 18%, enhancing reader engagement.

Increased customer interaction and satisfaction, with a 15% boost in online sales.

Streamlined content distribution, leading to a 25% increase in overall engagement.

Enhanced visibility of fundraising campaigns, increasing donations by 20%.

Improved awareness of sustainability efforts, resulting in a 15% increase in eco-friendly product sales.



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