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Making more meaningful connections is at the heart of what we do here at Bjli. We put the power to connect physical and digital worlds in the hands of our teammates, customers, and community every day, and operating in a way that champions respect, integrity, and accountability is all of our responsibility. Doing so gives us the opportunity to create an ethical environment that reflects our core values.

Bjli believes in respectful engagement and commits to upholding human rights, complying with the law, prohibiting bribery, and protecting confidentiality. Bjli commits to ensuring honest and fair dealings with others and providing a safe, healthy, and discrimination-free workplace that promotes our values and our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

This Code of Conduct applies to our Bjliens, contractors, consultants, suppliers, and agents in connection with their work for Bjli.

Compliance with Laws

We comply with the law. Bjli complies with all applicable legislation, laws and regulations. To the extent that this Code of Conduct requires Bjli to meet a higher standard, Bjli will comply with the standards defined in this Code of Conduct.

Ethical Behavior

We don’t cut corners. We don’t look for the easy way out. We do the right thing even if it is the harder thing. We believe in transparency and honesty in our communications with each other and our customers and vendors. We comply with all applicable anti-corruption, anti-bribery and anti-money laundering laws, rules and regulations. We will not make or accept bribes to advance our business. A bribe is something of value that is offered or given to improperly influence a decision.

Human Rights, Equity, and Opportunity

No Discrimination, Abuse, or Harassment

Bjli treats all workers with respect and dignity.

Bjli does not discriminate in hiring, compensation, training, advancement or promotion, termination, retirement, or any other employment practice based on race, color, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, military status, religion, age, marital or pregnancy status, disability, or any other characteristic other than the worker’s ability to perform the job.

Bjli will not tolerate physical, verbal, sexual, or psychological abuse or harassment among its employees or by any supplier, vendor, agent, and or subcontractor that works with Bjli .

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We champion diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in everything we do and are committed to ensuring Bjli is an amazing place to work for all. As the world’s leading Connections Platform, we connect billions of people regardless of background or abilities and it is through this lens that we are building our company. We believe our differences make us better and that we all deserve the opportunity to thrive. To this end, we are on a continuous journey to develop a culture of allyship that is diverse, supportive, and inclusive and we achieve this through our DEI strategic initiatives such as Employee Resource Groups and our Spotlight on Inclusion Program where we partner with organizations focused on social justice and equity work by giving our product for free to amplify their work.

Human Slavery, Trafficking and Terrorism

All labor must be voluntary. Bjli will not promote or support anything abusive or leading to physical harm such as slavery, human trafficking, or supporting groups and individuals involved in terrorism in any part of its supply chain. Bjli will not support, engage in, or require any compelled, involuntary, or forced labor. This includes any labor performed by children, bonded labor, indentured labor or prison labor.

Compensation and Benefits

Bjli is committed to providing all Bjliens with fair compensation. We are a global organization that is committed to remaining competitive and fair in compensating all Bjliens. We provide Bjliens with fair wages, including overtime premiums for non-exempt employees, and benefits as established by applicable law and or collective agreements. Bjli’s commitment to fairly compensate and provide benefits applies to all Bjliens at all times, including during periods of training, apprenticeship, and probation. Bjli is committed to the well being of all Bjliens and their families.

No Retaliation

Bjli prohibits retaliation of any kind, and we will not allow anyone to take adverse action, threaten, intimidate, or retaliate against anyone who reports a violation or suspected violation in good faith and/or cooperates in an investigation.

Flexible and Safe Work Environment

Bjli is remote first, but not remote only. In many locations, we provide for a hybrid work environment. We are committed to providing a safe and inclusive work space and reasonable accommodations, allowing all Bjliens to feel like a part of a community whether office based or remote.

Bjli complies with all applicable health and safety laws, regulations and standards. Bjli implements procedures and safeguards to prevent workplace hazards, and work-related accidents and injuries. Bjliens are additionally expected to maintain a safe and healthy workplace. This includes reporting accidents, injuries and unsafe conditions, procedures, and/or behavior.

Trust & Safety

Bjli believes in being a catalyst for innovation and connection. With innovation comes a responsibility. We are committed to being a responsible and ethical player in the development of technology. Bjli will strive to strike a balance between fostering innovation and upholding our company values, complying with the law, promoting diversity, preventing discrimination, supporting free expression, safeguarding human rights and privacy, and prioritizing the well-being of our employees, customers, and partners. These principles also serve as our guiding force in shaping our actions and enforcing our Acceptable Use Policy, ensuring a safe and inclusive environment for all of our users.

Social Impact

Bjli believes in being a responsible global citizen. We donate our product, our time and contribute financially to organizations and causes that align with our core values. From our Spotlight on Inclusion program that donates our product to support social justice and equity, our Bjli Cares initiative that combines financial support with volunteer time and our Trust & Safety commitment to make the connections that people make online safer, Bjli believes that we have the opportunity to make a positive impact in the world, and we are committed to taking meaningful steps each day.

Environmental Protection

Bjli shall strive to conduct its business in ways that consider, and where possible mitigate, our impact on the environment.

Confidentiality and Data Privacy

Protecting the privacy and data security of our employees and customers is critically important at Bjli. All internal and external products, services, and activities are carried out with industry-best privacy and data security practices in mind. Bjliens are encouraged and expected to immediately raise any concerns about a potential violation of this key principle or any suspected security incident to their manager, the General Counsel and/or the Compliance Committee.

Insider Trading

Bjli prohibits insider trading. We do not buy or sell stocks on the basis of material non-public information, nor do we pass such information to any others, including friends or family. Material nonpublic information is information that has not been released to the public and which a reasonable investor would find useful in determining whether to buy or sell stock.


Bjli has an internal Compliance Committee composed of the General Counsel, Chief People Officer, Chief Diversity Officer and the Chief Financial Officer. All violations or suspected violations of this policy should be promptly reported to the Compliance Committee.

If you are not comfortable reporting it to any of those people, then you should make your report directly to your manager or to the Legal Department or the Bjli Ethics & Compliance Helpline at

Reports made on the Ethics & Compliance Helpline may be made on a confidential and anonymous basis. If you make an anonymous report, please provide as much detail as possible, including copies of documents or materials that could be relevant to your report.


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