The easiest method to generate and monitor QR Codes is to use the Bjli QR Code Generator.


Within the Bjli Connections Platform, create a personalized QR Code in a matter of seconds, distribute it to your audience, and obtain your scan data directly away.


Customize your code with your logo, brand colors, unique patterns, frames and more so it catches every eye.





Make demands and motivate action with your Bjli QR Codes.


Quickly generate QR Codes that stand out, feel on brand and connect with your audience.



Typically have the option to customize your BioLink page. Choose a layout, theme, colors, and fonts that match your brand or personal style.


Start adding the links you want to include on your BioLink page. These could be links to your social media profiles, website, blog, online store, or any other online destinations you want to share with your audience.


Arrange the links on your BioLink page in a logical order. You may want to prioritize certain links or group them by category.


Finally, share the URL of your BioLink page on your social media profiles, website, or wherever else you want to direct your audience.





Learn how your audience interacts with every QR Code


Obtain the necessary information to determine which codes are functional and which require modification.



Periodically review the links on your BioLink page to ensure they are up-to-date and relevant. Remove any outdated links and add new ones as needed.


Consider the order in which your links are displayed on the page. Arrange them in a logical sequence based on priority or relevance to your audience.  

If your BioLink tool allows you to add descriptions to your links, make sure they accurately describe the content or destination of each link. Update descriptions as needed to provide clarity to your audience.


Keep your BioLink page visually appealing by updating the layout, theme, colors, and fonts periodically. This can help maintain interest and engagement from your audience. 


Keep an eye on new features and updates from your BioLink tool provider.






Advanced QR-codes

Create meaningful, measurable experiences with the Bjli Connections Platform

Gained insights into campaign performance, leading to optimized marketing strategies and a 15% increase in engagement rates.

Enhanced user experience with easier navigation, resulting in a 20% increase in click-through rates on promotional links.

Identified high-performing content, allowing for targeted social media strategies and a 25% increase in social media engagement.

Gained detailed insights into the effectiveness of influencer campaigns, leading to a 30% increase in ROI from influencer marketing.

Improved tracking and reporting of affiliate performance, boosting affiliate sales by 18%.

Enhanced understanding of event engagement, leading to better-targeted promotions and a 22% increase in event attendance.

Improved data-driven decision-making for marketing campaigns, resulting in a 17% increase in conversion rates.

Gained detailed insights into user engagement with promotional content, enhancing campaign effectiveness by 20%.

Enhanced understanding of content engagement, leading to improved content strategies and a 15% increase in user interactions.

Streamlined global campaign management with improved tracking, resulting in a 25% increase in campaign efficiency.

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