The Perfect Tool for Branded Link Management


Unlock the power of a comprehensive link management tool to elevate your marketing game. Our top-notch features, including branded links, bio links, link routing, and advanced analytics, are all designed to help you market your brand effectively and convert leads with precision.


Intuitive. Accurate. Secure.

Fuel Your Social Success With the Top Link in Bio Tool

QR Code Links: Enhance Audience Interaction

Establish Brand Authority Using Your “brand.com” Custom Domain




Three Pillars of Insights

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Instantly Create Bio Link Landing Pages


Apply a 360-degree brand marketing approach using a single bio link. Add links to your social profiles, services, products, videos, or other content with easy-to-use blocks and customizable layouts.


Extend your brand reach with the most relevant content that leads to more traffic, followers, or sales. With your own microsite, you have control over your brand marketing. So what's the wait? Create and share bio links and enhance your conversion rate now.









Craft Instant QR Codes 


Create shortened links and instantly generate and download QR codes for it. This way, you can connect customers of every genre, such as tourism, retail, e-commerce, sports, etc., to your digital space. Each QR scan drives engagement that leads to traffic and potential sales.


Make the most of QR codes in online and offline marketing. Your payments, promotions, app installations, and other marketing efforts can go through QR codes easily. Share a digital menu for your restaurant, a digital resume or business card, etc., and go paperless!









Unlock the Power of Branded Short Links




Elegantly shorten complex and unattractive URLs to powerful, recognizable, and branded short links. Build your brand's reputation by sharing clean, short links for social media, SMS and other marketing campaigns.


Further, replace RPLG.co with your custom domain name to instill brand authority and recognition. Ensure that your domain name pops up at the right place by inserting it in every link you share.

Adding your branded domain and keywords to your short links with recognizable URL endings builds trust with your audience. Craft optimized URLs and unique slugs with Replug that reflect your brand, enhancing click-through rates and user engagement.












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